At the Streaming Media East conference this week everyone seemed to be talking about getting rid of cable. Consumers are cutting the cord and the industry is taking notice.

They compiled a panel to discuss these topics. The panel was called “Cutting the Cord on TV.” Participants were:

Streaming Media East Panel on Cutting the Cord


  • Peter Kafka (Moderator).
    Peter is the Senior Editor of All Things Digital
  • Tom Gorke
    Tom is the Senior Vice President of Content Distribution and Marketing at MTV
  • Jim Funk
    Jim is the Vice President of Business Development at Roku
  • Bryan Perez
    Bryan is the Senior Vice President and General Manager of NBA Digital
  • Marc DeBevoise
    Marc is the Senior Vice President of Digital Media, Business Development and Strategy at Starz.

Streaming video services from Hulu, Netflix, and network sites are definitely forcing the cable industry to rethink their strategy. The question remains—how much of an impact is it having? Will the Internet threaten cable like it did the newspaper industry?